Track Student Progress with MySkillChart's Online Skill Tracking Platform

Track, analyze, and improve student progress with MySkillChart's comprehensive skill tracking platform designed for teachers, coaches, and parents.


The most complete skill tracking platform on the market

How-to videos

Link or upload a short clip of how a skill is performed that students can reference 

Cloud access

Staff can enter their evaluations directly on their smart device from anywhere

Engage your students

Reward your students with shareable certificates and badges they can proudly show off


The ultimate skill tracking platform

MySkillChart is designed to help educators and coaches engage with their students, monitor their progress, and keep parents updated on their development. With MySkillChart, you can create personalized skill charts for each student, allowing you to easily track their progress over time.


Easily track skill progress with MySkillChart

With MySkillChart, creating and customizing skill charts is a breeze.
Our platform lets you link how-to videos and add unique rating criteria to each skill, making skill tracking more accurate and efficient. Simply input your classes and rosters, select your skill charts, and get started tracking progress today.


Benefits of using MySkillChart

No more printing out charts or jotting down notes on paper, online skill tracking saves you time and is good for the environment! 

Everyday efficiency

Modifying a curriculum on an online chart is a click away, no starting all over or erasing

Reliable and secure

Charts are securely stored in the cloud and will never be lost or breaches

Safe and sound

Online skill charts won't get wrinkled, torn, water damaged, or scuffed up


Online skill charts save you time, no staying late necessary

Individualized feedback

Keep families and students engaged with tangible goals they can review daily


Provide families and students with skill updates in real time


Instructors are able to message parents and update them directly

Shareable videos

Families can view clips of their child's progress and share them!


Streamline your teaching with instant student ratings

Rate your students quickly and easily with MySkillChart's customizable grade scale. Leave comments to provide feedback and motivation for students to improve.

star ratings on MySkillChart

Boost your child's skill education and fitness with MySkillChart, the parent-approved, kid-friendly and secure platform designed for better learning.


Track student progress with detailed profiles on MySkillChart

MySkillChart's detailed student profiles are designed to help parents and instructors easily track student progress. Each profile includes comments, videos, and photos posted by the instructor on the student's skill chart, providing a comprehensive overview of their performance.

The platform also motivates students to earn badges for completing assignments on time, improving their form, or mastering a skill. These badges are displayed next to the student's name on their profiles and level-up certificates are sent out to families instantly, keeping students and parents engaged and motivated.


Improve skill instruction from anywhere

Instructors can easily monitor student progress from their preferred device, while parents can follow along and receive real-time updates as their child earns badges or levels up.

With continuous progress updates and real-time feedback, students stay motivated and engaged in the learning process.

MySkillChart views
MySkillChart dashboard

Engage Parents with MySkillChart's Progress Updates and Feedback

MySkillChart's parent portal allows families to stay informed and in control of their child's progress.

With access to performance videos and instructor feedback, parents can monitor their child's improvement and encourage them to keep learning more in your classes!


Common questions about MySkillChart

What are skill charts?

Simply put, skill charts = lesson plans. A skill chart is every skill each level has which must be mastered before moving up to the next level. 

You can create your own or download our skill charts, made by experts in their field, and come equipped with video demonstrations.

Which kind of business would best benefit from MySkillChart?

Kid-oriented businesses such as gymnastics centers, cheer and tumble gyms, swim schools, martial arts studios, and dance studios are the bulk of our current MSC users.

Do I need Pike13 software or can I get MySkillChart by itself?

We are pleased to offer MySkillChart as a separate product, no other software subscription needed.

If you would like MySkillChart only, that's 100% an option available to all users.

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