NPS Tracking for Fitness Businesses

Find Out What Your Clients Really Think

By asking one simple question you can get to the heart of how your members feel about your business – And use that feedback to drive improvements for them.


Compatible With: All Pike13 Plans

Pike13 Integration? Yes

Separate Subscription Needed? Yes

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Net Promoter Score® customer feedback is like gold dust to your fitness business. It helps you to make effective decisions, measure all-important loyalty and identify your raving fans to drive referrals.

  • Measure loyalty and go beyond satisfaction
  • Make informed decisions to spend better
  • Create an community of raving fans 

Pike Perks

Pike13 customers receive a discount on TRP membership.

The Pike13 Integration

TRP’s NPS® based customer feedback software seamlessly integrates with your existing Pike13 system to send short surveys to your customers following a recent visit. It delivers a steady stream of actionable customer feedback so you are always one step ahead of the game.

As a Pike13 customer, you will also receive a TRP membership discount.


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