Loyalty Rewards Program

All-in-One Referral and Rewards Program

Reward your customers for spending money, taking classes, referring friends, posting to social media and more.


Compatible With: All Pike13 Plans

Pike13 Integration? Yes

Separate Subscription Needed? Yes

Learn More: Perkville Website


Perkville’s automated rewards and referral program means that you can spend more time running your business and less time managing your rewards program.

  • Clients earn and redeem points by doing the activities you specify
  • Keep customers engaged by prompting them to refer friends and promote your business on social networks
The Pike13 Integration

Perkville integrates with Pike13 to automatically reward your customers with points based on their purchase activity.

Perkville will:

  • Provide you with a point calculator to help you set up rewards with best practices within your industry
  • Automatically send a rewards program invitation to your new Pike13 clients
  • Sync to Pike13 daily to capture money spent and allocate reward points

Create Loyal Customers

Set up a reward system for when your clients spend money, take a class, refer a friend, post to social media and more.

Increase retention as your clients keep coming back for more rewards.


Customize Your Rewards

You have flexibility to choose which client activities receive rewards, and what those rewards are. Perkville takes it from there–they'll prompt your clients to engage in point-winning activities. 


How to Get Started

  1. A separate subscription with Perkville is required. Contact them for details.
  2. Perkville will assist you with onboarding and setup, including linking your Perkville rewards program to your Pike13 site.
  3. Start rewarding your customers!