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Pike13 integrates with Perkville to automatically reward your customers with points based on their purchase activity. Perkville's focus is to help businesses improve retention, drive referrals and generate more spend by creating unique rewards programs individually tailored to their needs. They have a strong partnership and integration with Pike13 to enable a seamless experience for members and staff.
Perkville will:
  • Provide you with a point calculator to help you set up rewards with best practices within your industry.
  • Automatically send an invite to your new clients inviting them to sign up for the rewards program. 
  • Sync to Pike13 daily to capture money spent and allocate reward points.

Perkville cost starts at $99 per month. Discounts are available for multi-location businesses and annual commitments.



  • Set up rewards for when your customers spend money, take a class, refer a friend, post to social media and more.
  • Generate social media buzz by prompting your customers to earn extra points for sharing their experience on Twitter.
  • Create loyal customers that keep coming back for more rewards.
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