Organize and Optimize Client Communications

What is LoopSpark?

LoopSpark combines several important communication services into one, sleek tool. In addition to saving you money each month, using the LoopSpark dashboard to organize your client communications saves you tons of administrative time and provides a space to collaborate with your entire staff to provide a better client experience.

Please note that the LoopSpark integration cannot support manager/dependent relationships. For that reason, LoopSpark is best for fitness businesses that serve only adults. 

The LoopSpark integration is only available to Pike13 customers in the U.S. and Canada.


LoopSpark features include:

  • Built-in email and two-way SMS
  • Create targeted automated client journeys to convert prospects to members
  • Manage your staff with auto-task management
  • Strengthen staff-client relationships through two-way communications
  • Strengthen face-to-face conversations with real-time insights

Watch A Demo Video to See LoopSpark in Action
Presented for Pike13 customers by LoopSpark Co-Founder John Homyk


How it Works

Stay Connected Through Email and SMS

Set up automated emails triggered by specific events like enrolling in a class or purchasing a membership. Create newsletters, event promotion, and any other email messaging you need with built-in templates. 

Your business is also assigned a local SMS number to use for mobile messaging. 

Automated Task Management 

Empower your staff to build stronger client relationships with real-time reporting that reminds staff them to connect with their clients around specific events like birthdays, first visit to a class or another class milestone.




LoopSpark and Pike13

LoopSpark integrates with any Pike13 plan. 

A separate subscription with LoopSpark is required. Pike13 customers receive $40 off per month for the first three months of billing, in addition to the first month free.

To get the Pike13 Discount you must sign up for LoopSpark through this link.