Join an on-demand and livestreaming digital fitness platform that integrates with your Pike13 site.

A separate subscription with Intelivideo is required to begin using Intelivideo with Pike13. Click here to get started.

What is Intelivideo?


Intelivideo allows you to launch an on-demand video channel for your brand, grow your business beyond the four walls of your facility and create meaningful digital content that meets your clients where they are. 


Intelivideo's on-demand platform is geared toward the fitness studio market, providing your business with:

  • A Fully Branded Website for Purchases
  • Flexible Monthly and Annual Price Points for video subscriptions
  • Categories, Subcategories and Filters for Easy Content Organization
  • Clear, Dynamic Streaming Video with Numerous Engaging Features
  • Support for your Members

How it Works

Intelivideo's team will be there to walk you through the step-by-step setup process, including:

  1. Submitting Your Business Information
  2. Setting-up Your Storefront
  3. Uploading and Organize Your Workout Video Content
  4. Setting-up Your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy




Intelivideo and Pike13

Intelivideo is compatible with any Pike13 monthly plan. The integration between the two platforms allows your club or studio to link Pike13 membership plans and passes with your on-demand fitness content hosted on the Intelivideo platform.

A separate subscription with Intelivideo is required to begin using their service. Pike13 customers receive a significant ($500+) discount on the one-time setup fee costs. Contact your PIke13 Customer Success Manager today to click the LEARN MORE link below to be connected to your local Intelivideo representative.