Track Conversions, Optimize Campaigns

Use Pixel data to fine-tune the audience for your marketing campaigns and improve overall ROI on Facebook Ads.


About the pixel

The Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that goes on your website. With the pixel, you can bring back website visitors, or find new people who will likely make a purchase or become a lead.

Once the pixel is installed it will start measuring activity immediately. 

Measure cross-device conversions

Understand how your cross-device ads help influence conversions.

Optimize delivery to the right audience

Ensure your ads are shown to the people most likely to take action.

Learn more about your website traffic

Get rich insights about how people use your website from your Facebook Pixel dashboard.


The Pike13 integration

Installing the Pixel on your Pike13 site will allow you to track the actions of the clients you already have, so that you can build a profile of the type of person who uses your services.

Facebook then matches that profile to their own client data and uses it to deliver your ads to the users most likely to convert into clients.


Collect meaningful data

The Pixel gains more detailed data about actions that users take on your Pike13 site based on the conversion events that you set up. Common conversion events among Pike13 businesses include:

  • Lead - a user creates a new client profile
  • Purchase - a client makes a new purchase
  • Schedule - a client books an appointment or enrolls in a class or course

Targeted ads that convert

Different conversion events are used to find the most qualified users and build a ‘profile’ of the type of person who uses your services.

Facebook then uses their own client data to match that profile with other users on their site and deliver your ads to them.


Start using the Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel feature is included in the Advanced and Premium plans, and available as an add-on for the Essential plan.

If you are wanting to upgrade to using Facebook Pixel or have any questions about Facebook Pixel, please book a time to speak with an account manager.