facebook pixel integration


Track Conversions and Optimize Marketing Campaigns

The Facebook Pixel is code that you place on your website to collect data about the actions users take. It integrates with your Pike13 site, enabling you to fine-tune the audience for your ad campaigns and improve overall ROI on Facebook Ads. 




How it Works

When you install the Pixel you’ll set up different conversion events to track back to Facebook so that the Pixel gains more detailed data about actions that users take on your site. Conversion events reflect the top actions you want users to take on your website. For Pike13 customers these frequently include:

  • Lead - a user creates a new client profile
  • Purchase - a client makes a new purchase
  • Schedule - a client books an appointment or enrolls in a class or course

Different conversion events are used to find the most qualified users and build a ‘profile’ of the type of person who uses your services. Facebook then uses their own client data to match that profile with other users on their site and deliver your ads to them.




Facebook Pixel and Pike13

You'll find the Facebook Pixel listed in the Widgets section of Apps and Add-Ons in Pike13.

The integration is included for all Pike13 Pro plans. Learn how to set up Facebook Pixel on your Pike13 Site >>

Facebook Pixel is also available as an $20/month add-on for Business plans. Talk to an account manager to learn more.