Fill Classes and Increase Revenue

Join the ClassPass Fitness Network

List your class schedule and spots on the platform, and members can search, find and book openings. Every time they book a class with you, you get paid.


Compatible With: All Pike13 Plans

Pike13 Integration? Yes

Separate Subscription Needed? Yes

Learn More: ClassPass Website


ClassPass is a revolutionary approach to provide easy and affordable access to fitness goers with a variety of classes through one pass. This approach will showcase your business to many fitness-goers that may not have heard of you otherwise.



The Pike13 Integration

You will be able to view ClassPass enrollment activity in your Pike13 reporting dashboard.


Heightened Exposure

Put your business in front of fitness clients who may otherwise not have found your services. ClassPass is used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, and the platform is able to support your digital content.


Additional Analytics

You'll see enrollment data in Pike13 Reporting, but ClassPass also offers additional reports for your ClassPass clients. The Studio Dashboard allows you to view client emails, studio reviews, attendance reports, and more.

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How to Get Started

  1. A separate subscription with ClassPass is required. Head to the ClassPass website to become a member.
  2. Your ClassPass onboarding specialist will help you get your business set up, including configuration of the Pike13 integration. 
  3. Your ClassPass enrollment data will start showing in Pike13 reporting.