MailChimp Email Marketing

Create segmented audience lists, automate emails, and craft custom campaigns that improve client retention and grow your community.

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The Pike13 and MailChimp integration

You are able to add a maximum of 21 custom property fields that can be integrated with MailChimp to better segment your email campaigns. You can choose what those property fields are based on what makes the most sense for your unique business.

Email automations improve client retention by increasing engagement. Use MailChimp with Pike13 to communicate with your clients at significant events, like:

  • Birthdays
  • Membership milestones
  • After a recent visit or purchase
  • When you haven’t seen them for a couple of weeks

Start using MailChimp

If you are wanting to upgrade to using MailChimp or have any questions about MailChimp, please book a time to speak with an account manager.