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Pike13 is known for it's simplicity and ease of use, but there are still times you may need a helping hand. Our top-rated customer success team has worked hard to provide tips and how-to guides to help you get the most of Pike13. These guides can be accessed in our Help Center.  

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For additional help, please submit a ticket to our customer care team to talk to a product support specialist.

Software and a Service

Like you, we care about long-lasting relationships with customers and setting up successful partnerships. That’s why when you sign up with Pike13 an onboarding specialist will guide you through the software setup and make sure you feel comfortable with it, as well as help you migrate your client data into your new site. 

You’ll also have access to our top-rated customer care team who are available to quickly answer any questions you might have or clarify something in the Help Center. We know we’ve succeeded when you see Pike13 as a partner to your business, not another obstacle.

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