The Coder School

Learn how Hansel and Wayne used Pike13 to grow their new coding school into a national franchise with 52+ locations in the US.


The Opportunity

When Hansel Lynn and Wayne Teng wanted to start a coding school, they knew they would need a software that could handle their day-to-day operations and scale up as their business grew. 

From experience working with the software before, Hansel already knew that Pike13 would be the right fit for 80% of their business needs, a number he was very happy with. “Most of us understand there’s no one software that can handle it all, and 80% is pretty good!” says Hansel. That 80%, plus Pike13’s open API and superior customer support made Hansel and Wayne confident that Pike13 was the right software for the new Coder School franchise.

The Solution

Pike13 was an effective solution for daily scheduling and client management at The Coder School, but the software really started to shine once the franchise started growing. Hansel credits Pike13 for making growth easier:

“New sites have been extremely easy to set up!  A few steps for the new owners like changing addresses, etc., but otherwise very easy.”

As for training new site owners on the software, Hansel says that most owners are able to get the hang of things with minimal help. A sentiment which site owner Jason MacCoy agrees with.

The Results

Jason MacCoy is the General Manager of The Coder School site in Bellevue, Washington. He started as a coach at the school before moving into management, so he’s become very familiar with Pike13. And he calls Pike13 the heart of his business: “It’s what I do everyday. Every day I’m in Pike13 to change or coordinate something.”

Jason and his staff rely on Pike13 for scheduling, but his biggest selling point with clients is the Notes feature in the software

Everyday, my staff use Pike13 Notes after the appointment to say “Jimmy came in and learned Python programming. We worked on digital tic-tac-toe. He did well. For homework he could work on…” and then that report goes to the parent. That’s actually one of our big selling points. It’s a super value-add. The parents can see what the student did, they can see the login information for the student and check their work, or they can just use it to talk shop.

Jason also uses Pike13 to aggregate his data every week and report back to Hansel and Wayne at the corporate level. And how long does that take him each week? “About half an hour,” says Jason. He favorites the reports he needs to make the process a quick one. 

Jason is happy with Pike13 whether he’s using his desktop at the office or accessing his site from his phone. The software, he says, makes his job not only easier but more enjoyable. 

"When software works well, it really hums. And it allows me to focus on customer service and people interaction. That stuff sounds so cliche–"if it does the job right I can go be interpersonal with people"–but when I’m bogged down in administration it’s so difficult to do both. So hats off to Pike13. There’s a lot of good features in here and we use it effectively, I think. Having Pike13 is key."

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