The Opportunity

Lisa Druxman had a passion for fitness but didn’t want to leave her newborn in the dust. So in 2001 she merged her two loves and shared that passion by leading exercise classes for neighborhood moms.

Today FIT4MOM is one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States. Lisa’s neighborhood exercise group now boasts 235 individual franchises, more than 1,400 class locations, 20,000 clients, and lot of paperwork. Lisa’s passion project grew to include a broad offering of programs for every stage of motherhood—Fit4Baby for those expecting all the way to Body Back for women looking for a workout without their little ones tagging along.

In the early days, each FIT4MOM business was chained to a desktop computer. The business management software built for FIT4MOM didn’t have the mobile capabilities they needed. Most FIT4MOM franchise owners expressed the desire to be able to run their businesses while picking up the kids from school, taking them to soccer practice, and making dinner. The lack of mobile capability also meant that all waivers, payments, and sign-in sheets for tracking attendance and billing were collected on paper. Worse yet, franchise owners who employed additional instructors had to take calls and enter credit card details on a moment’s notice. These details were often written on scraps of paper to be lost and forgotten—not exactly a best business practice.

Franchise owners had a hard time determining how business was doing before the end of the month when they received all of those paper sign-in sheets. The lack of consistent, up-to-date reporting systems for gauging how each franchise was faring strained the corporate side of FIT4MOM, too. 


The Solution

Constant feedback about these challenges from individual franchise owners ultimately led FIT4MOM to Pike13.

As soon as FIT4MOM started using Pike13 in March 2013, franchise owners were able to take the pulse of their businesses—a previously impossible feat. They love being able to track their business in real-time and be better educated and informed about their business. The insight that franchisors and franchisees have on their business translates into more knowledgeable decisions that have a positive impact on their bottom lines.


The Results

As a corporation, FIT4MOM now has visibility across the entire organization using Pike13 Analytics & Reporting.  The Monthly Business Summary, for example, makes quick work of determining the royalties for the franchises. Real-time data provided through the Site Manager feature helps corporate know which locations may be struggling and in need of a little extra help to ensure success. 

“Franchise owners have been over the moon about Pike13. They love being able to track their business in real-time and be both better educated and informed about their business.”

Kristy Clay, a franchise owner in Arizona, estimates that Pike13 saves her staff an average of 10 hours a week—a significant impact for her and her six employees. The time previously spent on mundane administrative tasks is now put toward enhancing client relationships. Another franchise owner, Tracy Curtis, says,

“Since we switched to Pike13, follow-through by first-time class enrollments has drastically increased. Each instructor is responsible for checking her enrollments prior to class and reaching out to the new participant to make sure she knows where to go, who is teaching, and so on.”