School of Rock

See how 200+ franchise locations run in perfect harmony with the power of Pike13.


See how Lisa used Pike13 to turn a neighborhood exercise group into one of the fastest growing American franchises.

Grapevine CrossFit

See how Bevin and Brandon used Pike13 to save almost $3,000 a year in otherwise lost revenue. 

Philly Dog School

See how Dan discovered almost $10,000 in outstanding balances with the powerful reporting features of Pike13.

Walbeck Baseball Academy

With so much time spent on the move and on the field, Matt and Glen needed a mobile-friendly business solution for themselves and their clients. Pike13 was a home run. 

Ward School of Dance

The school was popular, but used an outdated software system. See how Kirsten used Pike13 to streamline administration and refresh the legacy of a well-known dance school. 

School for the Dogs
Anna Jane and Kate were devastated when their studio burnt down. But with the help of Pike13, they were able to rebuild. Now their business is stronger than ever. 
Rhode's School of Music

David was administrating so much that he wasn't able to teach music. But by streamlining with Pike13, he now has the time to put his students first again. 

Show Circus Studio
Henry and Chris knew they needed to stop clowning around with confusing software. That's when they found Pike13. 
Alpine Endeavors

Marty was so busy keeping up with administration that he wasn't able to spend much time with his family. Now with Pike13, he has all the time he needs.

CrossFit Oakland
Robyn and Mike used Pike13 to streamline the administration for their two locations. The result was an improved experience for everyone. 
Limber Yoga
See how Aubrey used Pike13 to streamline the check-in process at her busy yoga studio.
Roo's World of Discovery
See how Michelle used Pike13 to build a business serving her daughter and other special needs kids.  
Pike13 Overview

See how Pike13 streamlines administration.

Software Buyer's Guide

Client management software is an investment in your business’ future that has tremendous impact on your day-to-day operations. Use this guide to help you make the best software decision for you and your business 

Get New Clients & Keep Them
A business should care about what their clients care about. Use this guide to help you determine what those things are and how to use that knowledge to grow your business.
Pike13 was the easy choice for DivaDance as the software had an easy to use interface. Pike13 has become the hub of DivaDance. Every staff member, every class,  and every data point had a home in Pike13 that made sense for it to live in.
Using Reporting & Analytics in Pike13
The Pike13 reporting capabilities can be overwhelming due to the many options available. We wanted to break down some of the most common reports our customers find helpful in running their business.
Colorado Soccer Buddies
See how Pike13 has solved 90% of the problems that Colorado Soccer Buddies was dealing with on another software.
Choosing an Email Platform
This video provides an inside look at MailChimp, Emma and BrandBot to help Pike13 customers choose an email platform that best suits your needs.
How to Map an Amazing Customer Journey
We’ll show you how to build an amazing customer journey and messaging plan that ensures your customers are informed and delighted from one step of their journey to the next.