Staff Tools

Your instructors are the front line of your business, which is why we've built tools just for them.

Pike13 empowers staff to manage their own clients with easy-to-use scheduling and notes features that are all available through a free mobile Pike13 staff app. 


Features for your staff and your clients

Staff management is easy for you, too. Permission levels set access or restrictions on tools and reports. Payroll tracking and detailed reports help you keep the numbers organized.


Staff Evaluations

View attendance and booking data to assess staff performance


Set dynamic pay rates, commissions and run payroll reports


Staff can send important messages to their clients instantly

Smooth Running

Private communication between staff members makes subbing-in a breeze


Staff saves time by automating their everyday tasks

Time Management

Staff takes class attendance on the app, eliminating paperwork


Your team is free to manage their schedule from anywhere

Staff Database

Centrally manage all of your staff's important information


Staff scheduling and management

Know exactly what your staff has scheduled each day with at-a-glance views of the upcoming week. 

Track staff hours, bookings made, merchandise sold, and workload with Pike13. Reduce time spent scheduling each member by automating tasks and allowing staff to modify their own availabilities. 


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Improve client communications

Empower your staff to take an active roll in growing the business. They have the ability to enroll clients, sell merchandise, or set up memberships through the Staff App. They can reduce bottleneck at check-in by quickly confirming attendance through the App at any time.

Public Notes allow staff to send updates or progress reports to the client, while Private Notes allow instructors to document their own client information for reference. Pike13 provides all the tools your staff need to be efficient.


The app created with your staff in mind

Pike13 is already mobile-friendly, but the free Staff App makes accessing schedules and client information even more convenient. Your instructors can quickly check their schedule and class rosters so they know what to expect each day. Need to enroll a client in a class? No problem, you can do it right from the App.


Skill tracking feature

A new way to personalize and track skill instruction without the paperwork. MSC is entirely customizable to your specific skills taught and levels to be reached. 

MySkillChart is specifically designed to be an easier way to track students skill progress and provide real-time updates to families.

msc scheduling student profiles



Payment choices for staff

Payroll is a breeze for both you and your staff with Pike13's built-in pay rates and tracking. It's quick and simple to set individual rates per service, or to set up commissions for your staff members.

Need dynamic pay rates? Pike13 has you covered. You can easily set up additional bonuses based on the number of enrollees. 


View Pike13 in action during a guided demo 

Schedule a time to join a quick call with one of our Pike13 experts and get to know the platform!


What are business owners saying about Pike13?

Small business owners from all over have solved their specific pain-points with our all-in-one business management platform.

"Pike13 is the backbone of our operations. We use it for all scheduling, appointments, services, payments, and event registrations. It looks great, is easy to use, has a variety of functions, reporting capabilities, and custom options. Furthermore, their Customer Service is exceptional!"

"Pike13 has been a miracle. The scheduling and ability to track clients visits and payments has been such a huge help. Being able to set up recurring payments alone has more than paid for the system. Would recommend to any small business owners out there."


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