Simplify Franchise Management

Streamline your franchise management with the Pike13 Site Manager. Automatically apply brand configurations to new locations and access built-in reporting for high-level business insights or individual location data.

Pike13 site manager

Site Manager by Pike13

The Pike13 Site Manager is for franchises or other businesses with multiple locations. You'll have the ability to 'stamp out' new sites by automatically applying brand configurations to any new location.

Use built-in reporting to see high-level data for the business as a whole, or drill down into individual locations. 


Facilitating growth

Looking for a franchise management solution that can handle your business's growth? Pike13 is the answer.

Our pricing structure won't penalize you for success - unlike competitors who charge based on the number of clients.

Your pricing for a location remains constant, no matter how many clients are served.

Choose Pike13 for hassle-free growth management.

Pike13 multi-locations

Get a clear picture of your business with Roll-Up Reporting

The Site Manager provides you with easy access to built-in reports, allowing you to check reports for each of your locations and view high-level overviews of your business.

With this clear picture of your business, you can make data-driven decisions to help grow and optimize your operations.


Efficiently manage multiple locations with standardized settings and configurations

Create a consistent brand image across multiple locations with Pike13's standardized settings and configurations.

Easily apply brand colors, logos, classes, appointments, passes, plans, waivers, and merchandise to new locations, saving valuable time and streamlining administrative setup.


Upgrade to the Pike13 Site Manager

If you're an existing Pike13 customer with multiple locations, consider adding the Site Manager to your plan. With the Site Manager, you'll be able to manage and grow your business with ease, without worrying about being financially penalized for your success. To learn more, schedule a call with one of our account managers.