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Stay top of mind with your own Branded App.

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Your Colors

This app is all you. Your logo, your style, your branding. Stand out from the competition with your very own personalized app.

Your Bookings

The full capability of the Client App but customized for you. Your clients book classes and process payments from your branded app.

Your Services

List your offerings, along with descriptions, location, and instructor information so your clients can book with confidence.


Member Experience

Enhance your clients experience with your own native app, where your brand is only one showcased. A branded app adds to the experience your clients pay for; the unique professional touch will make your business stand out.

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Client Engagement

Clients are given the ability to view your schedules, enroll in classes, and book appointments on their own. Clients can add and securely store payment information. All of Pike13's functionality but on an app that is entirely your own.

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What is the price for the branded app?

Pike13 developers will build and configure your Branded App for you, as well as submit the app to the iOS and Google Play Stores. There is a one-time setup fee of $500 (USD) and a monthly fee of $129 (USD).

Which operating platforms support the app?

Your branded app will be available on both the Apple and Google Play store. Once your app is approved by Apple and Google, it will be free to download to US and Canada users.

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Learn more about the branded app

If you are an existing customer wanting to upgrade to the Branded App, please book a time to speak with an account manager.