feature list

Pike13 offers all the features you need to need to successfully run your business. And with 99.99% uptime, it's the most reliable software solution available for class and appointment-based businesses.


Plan Availability
Cloud-based platform No installations necessary. Access your Pike13 from anywhere, on any device, at any time. All Plans
Pike13 Staff App Offers nearly the same functionality as the staff website. View schedules, manage rosters, book, sell, etc. from anywhere. For iOS and Android.

All Plans

Pike13 Kiosk

iPad app for new client sign-up and check-in. Branded and configurable to your business. For iOS and Android.

Sign-Up: Streamline creation of client profiles (with dependents), sign waivers, capture profile photos.

Check-in: Clients use phone/email/QR code to check-in to pre-enrolled classes or book upon arrival. The QR code can be saved to a a client's phone or you can print keycards to issue to clients.

All Plans

Mobile-First and Mobile-Responsive The client and staff websites are available with full functionality from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. All Plans
Multi-Timezone Support Allow staff and clients to view the schedule and bookings in their own timezone. All Plans
PCI Compliance Level 2 PCI compliant All Plans
Staff Website Staff website for owners, managers, and staff to login and manage Pike13. Different logins for each staff member with the option to set permission levels. All Plans
Client Website Branded client-facing website for clients/members to view schedule, book, purchase, and manage their profile. All Plans
Notes Supported in class, appointment, client and staff modules. Add private notes that are staff-facing only, or send public notes on rosters or client profiles. All Plans
Branding and Styling Add your logo and configure your color scheme to integrate your Pike13 site with your brand.

All Plans

Open API Robust, open, free API for you to build on top of Pike13. CORE and REPORTING APIs are available, along with API support. All Plans
Listen 360 Integration Listen360 integration that pulls in your Pike13 client information to NPS for NPS surveying. All Plans
Client App iOS and Android app for your clients that is branded to Pike13. Allow existing clients to view their schedule, view the whole schedule, enroll in classes, book appointments, view their payments methods, view their plans and passes, purchase a new plan/pass, sign member terms and conditions through Smartwaiver, view details about your business. Franchise/multi-site support. US only.  Add-On
Branded App Branded iOS and Android app for your clients. Allow existing clients to view their schedule, view the whole schedule, enroll in classes, book appointments, view their payments methods, view their plans and passes, purchase a new plan/pass, sign member terms and conditions through Smartwaiver, view details about your business. Franchise/multi-site support. US only.




Franchise and Multi-Site Support

Plan Availability
Site Manager Franchisor level site that sits above the franchise sites. View all your franchise sites in one place. Custom
Rolled Up Reporting View all the different franchise location information rolled up together in one place. Filter data and drill down into the individual franchisee site to view more. Custom
Site Template and Stamping Create a business template as a turn-key solution for opening new businesses. Configure your branding, services, plans, passes, documents, etc. one time, and stamp out turn-key sites when you expand. Custom


Scheduling and Attendance 

Plan Availability
Scheduling, Enrollments, and Booking Create and manage your business class, course, and appointment schedule. Enroll/book clients from the staff side and allow clients to self service enroll/book from the client side. All Plans
Attendance and Roster Management View rosters, take attendance, charge for visits, manage waitlists. View important notifications about clients like failed payment, missing waivers, and important notes. All Plans
ClassPass Integration ClassPass built and managed integration - Must have an account with ClassPass. ClassPass will automatically pull your schedule into ClassPass to make available for booking through ClassPass. When a ClassPass users book through ClassPass, they will automatically be created as clients in pike13, added to the appropriate roster, be marked as paid by a ClassPass pass. Add-On
Appointment Booking Staff 1:1 and group, one-off and recurring appointment booking. Client facing 1:1 one-off appointment booking. Configurable appointment availability for each instructor, booking deadlines, late cancellation windows and configurable staff specific pricing) All Plans
Group Classes Group class scheduling and client enrollment. Assign instructors, scheduling recurring classes, configure enrollment deadlines and late cancellation windows. Staff side client one-off and bulk enrollments, client side one off enrollments All Plans
Group Class Bulk Enrollments On the staff side, bulk enroll clients into a series of group classes (i.e. Yoga, every Monday @9am) All Plans
Courses Group event series with full payment upfront. Great for on-ramps, camps, one-off events, etc.) Configure a series of classes at one pre-set price. Staff and client enrollment/purchase. All Plans 
Rooms Staff side management of your rooms by configuring which services can use the room and adding them to scheduled services. Pike13 will check for conflicts and warn you if you try assign the room to overlapping services. All Plans 
 Bulk Schedule Cancelling  Cancel your entire schedule or parts of it for an entire day. Great for holidays, if an instructor gets sick or leaves on vacation, or if a room bursts a leak.  All Plans
Group Class Waitlists with Automatic Enrollment Configure waitlists for full group classes. You can control how many people can sign up for a waitlist and the deadline for enrollment off the waitlist so you don't have client getting enrolled 1 minute before class and no showing. Client and Staff notification for when a client is bumped from the waitlist to the roster. All Plans 
 Passes (Punchcards) Sell passes at a fixed price or a fixed number of visits.  All Plans
Staff Availability / Blackout Staff configurable appointment availability and blackouts. Owners/manager can configure this for instructors, or instructors can manage it themselves   All Plans
Make-up Passes Configure make-up passes, with reasons and notes. Issue make-up passes for clients when they late-cancel or no-show. All Plans
Rollover Visits Configure a rollover policy to allow clients to rollover unused visits to the next visit period. All Plans
Class and Course Widget  Easy to use widget to copy and paste on your main website. Allows visitors to view the class schedule. PRO Plans
Appointment Availability Widget  Easy to use widget to copy and paste on your main website. Allows visitors to view your appointment availability. PRO Plans 
 Reserve With Google Integration Make your schedule available to Google to integrate into their Reserve with Google marketplace, google maps, and your Google My Business card. Currently limited by Google to 8 U.S. geos and the fitness industry only. Allows Google users to view your schedule and book classes. Upon booking Google will automatically add the user as a client to your pike13 site and create the booking. PRO Plans 


Billing and Payments

Plan Availability
Purchasing, Selling, and Billing Sell products from the staff side or allow clients to self service from the client website. Automated recurring billing for memberships on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. All Plans
Staff-Specific Appointment Pricing Charge variable pricing for different instructors for the same appointment service (Senior personal trainer is more expense than a jr. personal trainer, etc.). All Plans
Merchant Processing Integrations (CC & ACH) Seamless integration with multiple merchant processing partners. ACH and CC available in the US, Canada, and Australia. CC processing only in the UK/EU. Pre-negotiate rates with partners. Integrated support teams. All Plans; additional fees may apply
Prepaid Plans Sell prepaid plans (paid-in-full plans). Fixed price for recurring weekly, monthly, or unlimited visits. All Plans
Recurring Plans Sell recurring plans. Recurring weekly, monthly, annual billing for recurring weekly, monthly or unlimited visits.

All Plans

Flexible Recurring Billing Cycles Supports flexible recurring billing cycles to bill weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.  All Plans
Split and Partial Payments Accept a partial payment from the staff side, or split a clients payment between multiple payment methods. All Plans 
Account Credit Positive account credits / balances. Refund payment back as account credit, apply / add credit. All Plans 
Group Rates / Shared Plans and Passes  Configure group rates (discount for multiple people, etc) and shared plans/passes between family members. All Plans
Coupons  Create coupons and promotions All Plans


Client Management

Plan Availability
Member / Client Only Services and Products Configure who can buy/book services and products. All Plans
Service Registration Deadlines and Late Cancellation Support Create enrollment / booking deadlines to better manage your schedule. Don't get caught with a last minute booking and no one to instruct. Configure and enforce a late cancellation window to either charge a visit from their membership or a $ fee. All Plans
Client Profiles Create and manage client profiles. Store profile information, notes, profile photos, schedule, dependents, plans/passes, bills, visit history, etc. All Plans
Configurable Custom Sign Up Fields Create custom client profile fields and configure your client sign up experience with only the fields you want to collect.  All Plans
Notifications (Web, Email, SMS) Configurable staff and client notifications with web, email, sms, and push notification (only on branded app) options.  All Plans
Parent / Child Management Link client profiles together using account manager / depend relationships. Account managers can manage multiple depend's schedules and their billings. All Plans 
Smartwaiver Integration Embedded integration with Smartwaiver to securely collect waivers and other documents. All Plans


Staff Management

Plan Availability
Staff Profiles Create and manage staff profiles. Store profile information, notes, profiles photos, schedule, payroll items, etc. All Plans
Staff Roles and Permissions 5 different staff roles with different permission levels so you can control who can see and do what. Also a few granular permission for extra control. All Plans
Staff Bio Widget Easy to use widget to copy and paste on your main website. Allows visitors to view your staff members and their bio information. PRO Plans
Payroll / Payrates / Commission  Create fixed and variable headcount payrates for instructors teaching services or commission rates for staff members making sales. Run payroll to calculate all payrates for a period and export to .csv/.xlsx to import into your payroll system. PRO Plans 


Reporting and Analytics

Plan Availability
Reporting Robust reporting on clients/members, enrollments, schedule, plans/passes, staff, payroll, invoices, and transactions. Reporting summaries that offer different groupings. Filtering, configuring columns. Export to .csv or xlsx. Configure and favorite reports for quick access. Different reporting permissions levels to control which staff members can view sensitive information like clients or financials. All Plans
Insights Visualized dashboard feed by reporting. Quick, tactical, actionable, insights on the day-to-day health of your business with the option to drill down into the report to view more details. Insights tiles on financials, clients, and visits. PRO Plans
Google Analytics Integration Integrate your Google Analytics account with your client facing website. PRO Plans