An All-In-One Software Solution for Dance School Professionals
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Empowered Staff

Save time and reduce stress by giving staff the power to manage their own schedules and clients. Staff can communicate with clients, facilitate enrollments and collect payments all through the included Pike13 staff app. Pike13 also tracks staff hours and automatically calculates payroll.

And it's not just staff. Clients also have the ability to manage their own schedules, profiles, and billing preferences. It's just another way Pike13 takes the administrative burden off of the business owner. 

Peace of Mind

Pike13 automates dance school class scheduling and client management. Spend less time worrying about the details of administration–and more time engaging with clients and growing your business.


Focused Features

We believe in simplicity and focus. Pike13 has all the features you need to successfully run your fitness business–and nothing else. Each feature is designed around industry best practices to help you optimize your business.

  • Mobile Appointment Booking
  • Automated Notifications
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Client Management
  • Reporting Analytics
  • Dependent Management



Case Study

Kirsten's dance school was popular but using an outdated software system. See how Pike13 helped her refresh the legacy of her well-known business.
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Pike13 is such a fantastic upgrade! We can figure out how to do new things easily. I really appreciate the time I save by not having to answer daily questions from staff.

Pike13 is the hub of my company. Every client, staff member, class and data point has a home in the system that makes sense for it to live in. Pike13 just feels so easy, which is such a relief for a small business owner.

Jamie Stigliano | Owner

Ward School of Dance

Pike13 is such a fantastic upgrade! We can figure out how to do new things so easily. I really appreciate the time I save not having to answer the daily questions from staff.

Kirsten McQuat | Owner