Get to know the passionate professionals behind Pike13.


At Pike13, we're all about empowering both our clients and our employees. Our core values of integrity, customer focus, and continuous improvement drive everything we do. We believe in creating a supportive and dynamic workplace where creativity thrives.

We've been fully remote since 2019 but strive to continue cultivating connection. When we come together for in-person meetings, we balance hard work with fun team-building activities, from group challenges to creative brainstorming sessions, fostering a culture of collaboration and camaraderie.

Staff Photo - Group Photo Curling
Staff Photo - Pam


President of Pike13

As president, Pam is committed to leading the company towards continued success and innovation. Her visionary leadership and deep industry knowledge have been instrumental in shaping the strategic direction and growth of Pike13.

Research and Development Team

Staff Photo - Mark


Vice President of Technology

Mark oversees all technological developments and innovations at Pike13. With years of experience in software engineering and IT management, he ensures the platform remains cutting-edge and reliable for all clients.

Staff Photo - Kervin


IT, Ops, & Quality Assurance

Staff Photo - Joseph


UX / UI Designer

Staff Photo - Parker


Software Engineer

Staff Photo - Tyson


Software Engineer

Staff Photo - Juan


Software Engineer

Staff Photo - Gerald


Software Engineer

Staff Photo - Placeholder


Quality Assurance

Customer Care Team

Staff Photo - Anne


Product Support Manager

Anne is dedicated to ensuring exceptional customer service and support at Pike13. With a background in client relations and a passion for helping others, she manages the customer care team to provide prompt and effective solutions for all client needs.

Staff Photo - Adrian


Solutions Consultant

Staff Photo - Judd


Customer Care Specialist

Staff Photo - Daniel


Customer Care Specialist

Staff Photo - Placeholder


Customer Support Specialist

Sales, Marketing, & Communications Team

Staff Photo - Jaime


Sales and Marketing Manager

Jaimie leads the sales and marketing efforts at Pike13, driving growth and brand awareness. She brings a wealth of experience in strategic marketing and customer acquisition, focusing on expanding the company's market reach and customer base.

Staff Photo - Ashley


Sales Representative

Staff Photo - Mollie Kate

Mollie Kate

Business Administration Specialist

Staff Photo - Koda


Marketing Specialist & HubSpot Admin

Product Management Team

Staff Photo - MC


Product Manager

MC is responsible for overseeing the enhancement of the company's software. With a keen eye for detail and a strong background in project management, she collaborates with cross-functional teams to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of clients.