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Pike13's fitness management software streamlines operations with features like scheduling, billing, and client management. Improve your business with our all-in-one solution. T

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Efficiency at your fingertips: Discover our array of features for streamlined productivity

By incorporating these features into your fitness business, you can streamline your workflow, improve collaboration, and enhance your customer relationships, all while saving time and increasing productivity.


Online Registration

Empower your clients by providing an easy way to enroll in your fitness classes from their preferred device

Payment Solutions

Improve your revenue streams by letting clients pay online and enroll in recurring billing

Automated Emails

Send emails for class reminders, billing reminders, payment receipts, and more

Staff Management

View all of your staff's schedules, availabilities, and performances from one location

Waitlist Feature

Set up waitlists to automatically alert clients when a spot opens in their desired fitness class

Point of Sale

Sell fitness gear, branded merchandise, and even snacks all from your Pike13 site

Reliable System

At 99.9% uptime, an industry best, Pike13 ensures your fitness business keeps running smoothly

Site Widget

Embeddable and branded scheduling widget fits seamlessly into your website encouraging web traffic and easy booking


Effortlessly organize Your schedules with Pike13

Pike13 simplifies the administrative processes needed to manage your daily operations. Its user-friendly interface enables quick and easy setup of new services. With Pike13, you can conveniently access schedules, client data, and reports from any desktop or mobile device.

Pike13's Staff App empowers you and your instructors to enroll clients, monitor attendance, document client information and progress, and sell merchandise with ease. You can rely on Pike13 to be there whenever you need it, wherever you are.

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Reporting and insights for business optimization

With Pike13's Insights, you can streamline your business decisions with detailed data analytics. Track your financials, client retention, and other key performance indicators to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

Use our reports to monitor staff productivity and workload, and optimize your class offerings for maximum impact. With Pike13, you'll have the insights you need to make smart, data-driven decisions that help you succeed.

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Simplify your client management with Pike13's detailed database

Pike13 offers a comprehensive student database that includes their visit history, upcoming events, stored payment methods, QR codes, open and closed bills, and important notes. All of this information is easily accessible within the student's client profile.

With Pike13, staff can conveniently access client information from both desktop and the Staff App, ensuring that they have the necessary data to provide personalized and efficient service to each student.


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Transform the Client and Staff Experience with Pike13 Apps

Pike13 offers powerful mobile apps that enhance the experience for both clients and staff.
The Client App allows clients to easily enroll in classes, book appointments, purchase plans, and make payments. With the Staff App, your team can streamline their workflow by booking clients, checking them out, selling plans, taking attendance, and more - all from their phones.

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Multiple location management

You also don't ever have to worry about paying for growth. No matter how many clients you gain at a location, the price for your Pike13 site remains the same.


Streamline the virtual process

Pike13 integrates with Zapier to support virtual lessons. Create Zaps to automatically generate links to virtual classrooms in Zoom, Facebook, or any other streaming platform. The link and any subsequent update are automatically shared with enrolled clients.


Discover what business owners are saying about Pike13

Small business owners from all over have solved their specific pain-points with our all-in-one business management platform.

“Pike13 has been a great platform for our gym so far. With it, we are able to run all of the necessary reports that we need to keep track of to stay on top of our business metrics and our clients. Total game changer."

"We are a small gym so I'm the owner, the operator, and the person handling all things Pike13. It's so reassuring knowing I have their awesome support team as a lifeline to help me out when and if I need it."

"This software allows us to automate processes that normally take hours of labor. Best user interface on the market. None of their competitors come close to the end user experience like Pike13 does."


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