Gym management software to push your business further

Strengthen your fitness business with gym management software from Pike13

Are you ready to be a teacher again?

You started your gym to share your knowledge and love of fitness with your clients–not to muddle through administrative paperwork. That’s where Pike13 comes in.

Pike13 makes managing your gym easy with mobile-friendly features like scheduling, client management, smart reporting and more. Spend less time tuning your business, and more time teaching your clients.


By tracking our client’s activities—attendance, memberships, and expired payments—we’ve been able to tap into at least $2,000 to $3,000 a month in unrealized revenue.



Save time

Streamline your schedule with Pike13’s simple process of signing clients into class, updating the roster, and confirming class counts. Pre-registered clients can sign waiver forms digitally through Pike13, and walk-ins can easily register through a free client kiosk app.

With Pike13 there’s no need to spend time searching through paperwork to see which clients are still unpaid or whose membership is about to expire. Pike13’s reporting lets you know right away, so you can follow up before those clients churn.  

Increase revenue

Stay on top of your gym’s health with Pike13’s reporting feature. Clear, relevant, actionable business data helps you identify which parts of your business are working well and which are threats to your revenue stream. With this knowledge, you can take action to improve and grow your gym.

With Pike13’s 99.9% uptime you can trust that business is always open. Get back to sharing and teaching your passion in the gym, knowing that administration is being taken care of

Stay mobile

Pike13’s mobile-friendly platform allows you to access your gym anytime, anywhere, from any device. You’ll be able to schedule classes and appointments, enroll clients, manage profiles, and see business data from wherever you are.

Your clients can see your schedule and enroll in classes and appointments from any device. An optional branded client app puts your business in your clients’ pockets and simplifies client engagement and communication.

Inspire some healthy competition

Workout tracking with TrainHeroic powers your clients to reach their potential. It's just one of the many integrations that work with Pike13 to enhance your business.


Before Pike13 I was drowning in paper work, but now there's hardly any. And I can access just as much if not more information about our clients at the drop of a hat.



Software and a service

Like you, we care about long-lasting relationships with customers and setting up successful partnerships. That’s why when you sign up with Pike13 a dedicated onboarding specialist will guide you through the software setup and make sure you feel comfortable with it.

You’ll also have access to our top-rated customer care team who are available to quickly answer any questions you might have. We know we’ve succeeded when you see Pike13 as a partner to your business, not another obstacle.

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