Barrio 12 CrossFit

With Pike13, Miguel Melendez doesn’t let visual impairment slow him down

A Pike13 customer story


“While we started out primitively–tracking all of our client data on note cards–Pike13 lets us know we don’t have to worry about losing our client information. All of the data in the cloud.”

Miguel Melendez’s diabetes caused enough vision loss that he became legally blind. Even though Miguel could’ve easily continued his job with commonly used screen readers, his employer at the time refused to accommodate his disability and Miguel lost his job. Staying positive, Miguel didn’t let his new disability get in his way. He had friends and family, and one of these friends needed help at his gym.

From garage hangout to booming business

barrio12group.jpgIt started casually with just a few guys at the end of the day. Jose Mendizabal and some friends in San Juan, Puerto Rico got together on the side of his auto body repair shop for CrossFit workouts. The workouts became popular—so popular that people started paying to join in. So, in November 2013, Barrio 12 CrossFit opened in a standalone space—starting with about 250 clients and 40 classes per week!

With rapid growth on top of an unusually high starting client base, Jose needed help running his business. When Miguel began at Barrio, the gym was tracking its clients’ profiles and visits on note cards—a system that was quickly becoming unrealistic for the rapidly growing business, not to mention nearly impossible for Miguel’s disability. This led to one of his first tasks: to find the right client management software.

The right solution for everyone’s needs

Jose had shopped around a few solutions, but none proved to be very intuitive. Then Miguel discovered Pike13. Before the demo was over, Miguel knew it was the solution for them. The high level of customization, the modern and intuitive feel, and the ease of use for the visually impaired were just some of the selling points.

He was especially excited to find that Pike13, unlike many other software platforms and mobile apps, is built so that he can read 97% of the text on the screen with the aid of the screen reader program.

“Even as a person who is visually impaired, I can appreciate the very modern appearance of Pike13 compared to other softwares. The level of detail in the data is simple but informative, and the full customization of features is not complicated.”

Miguel was able to simply configure the settings to their affiliate’s needs. The slick customizations and electronic signing and storing of digital waivers were two of his favorite features. And Jose, who had never been very comfortable using computers, jumped right into Pike13 to manage his business with ease.

Peace of mind

Barrio 12 CrossFit now has their business in order with Pike13. They’re able to smoothly manage their trainers’ and more than 300 athletes’ schedules without a hitch. Miguel and Jose can rest easy knowing that Barrio 12 is a well-oiled machine—and get back to focusing on their clients' success.