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Pike13 mission
Pike13 vision.
Pike13 values
Our mission is to be the #1 choice for owners, enabling them to spend more time doing what they love.
Our vision is to build the premier software for managing class-based businesses that is intuitive and easy to use, supported by knowledgeable and friendly staff, and improves the efficiency of running our customer's business
Our work is driven by our 3 core values of passion, innovation, & integrity

Our Story

Founder, Jon Zimmerman, owned and operated a gym and was fed up with the gym software they were using. He believed he could build something better.

In 2011, he assembled a team  of experts in software development, UX Design, operations, and the CrossFit community to fulfill that dream. 

And they succeeded.

Today, Pike13 is one of the highest ranked softwares on the market for class/membership based businesses. The simple interface empowers business owners and their staff to handle daily administration with ease, and Pike13's customer support is second to none in the industry.

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Commitment to Community

We love our neighborhood and our city. Seattle is on the cutting edge of technology and is a perfect environment for a startup like ours. In fact, we love our location so much that we named our company after it!

Each year we try to give back to our community. We’ve held food drives and toy drives. We’ve volunteered at food banks and helped clean up a local park. And we’re proud that each of our voluntary community efforts has nearly 100% company participation. It’s part of who we are.

Fun Activities

Pike13 Comms team is always creating fun and engaging activities–whether it's kickball at the park, charades, scavenger hunt boat rides or GameWorks, there is always an adventure just around the corner

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Pike13 is powered by a scrappy team of dedicated tech nerds. Our leaders make it possible for our small company to do big things in the services software industry. 

Cindy Schneider

Director of Customer Success

Jesse Goodnoe

Engineering Manager

Cameron Cutter

Product Manager
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