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Pike13 mobile client management software handles the details of check-in and attendance tracking, billing and recurring payments, staff payroll, reporting and more. If a client needs to be followed up with for an unpaid class or expiring membership, we'll automatically let you know. Pike13 takes care of the little details that add up to hours of administrative time each week so that you can get back to what you really love–running your business.



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Pike13 is a leading provider of mobile business management software. We help businesses that offer recurring services simplify administration.
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Businesses around the world trust Pike13 to help manage administration. Here's why:
Krav Maga Copenhagen

Before Pike13 I was spending between 20 and 25 hours a week on the admin and financial side of the business. I’m down to less than 30 minutes a day doing that now. This fact, combined with a huge reduction in revenue loss, means Pike13 is a clear winner for us—both now and as we expand.

Daniel Moore | Owner

Limber Yoga

My objective is to keep clients happy and Pike13's sleek interface allows me to do so. Both by giving clients and easy way to work with me and by giving me more time to spend with them.

Aubrey Heinemann | Owner

Walbeck Baseball Academy

Pike13 has taken a lot of pressure off of me personally, as our staff has access to the information they need from their phones. This makes the entire scheduling process incredibly smooth.

Glen Gross | Co-Owner

Rhodes School of Music

The most valuable thing Pike13 has done for me is to completely take administrative tasks out of the studio. Now when we're here, we can focus on teaching and not asking for payments or making scheduling changes. We're artists and teachers first, and admins later when we really need to be.

David Rhodes | Owner

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