Colorado Soccer Buddies

Julie made the switch from Mindbody to Pike13. She never looked back.


The Opportunity

Julie Colangelo was playing soccer at the local arena when she heard about a new program for kids. She enrolled her two-year-old, but found the ages of the kids in the program to be too ranged and not appropriate for a toddler. Julie asked for a refund, and to her surprise was offered control of the program instead.  

She accepted the challenge. Julie created a new brand for the program and upgraded old processes to meet the digital age. Up until then customers and data had been tracked with pen and paper, but with 80-90% of registrations coming in online, Julie knew that she would need software to help shoulder the load.

Julie initially chose Mindbody to help manage Colorado Soccer Buddies, but it didn’t take long before she felt it just wasn’t the right fit. “The problem was that the feature I needed most was for online registration to be streamlined and intuitive–and I felt that Mindbody was almost counter-intuitive,” recalls Julie. “So I went to Mindbody, and they weren’t able to fix it. That was disheartening. It was making my job harder.”

She knew it was time for something new.

The Solution

Julie was drawn to Pike13’s responsiveness. She felt like she had a voice, and that Pike13 listened to and truly cared about her business needs. She also liked how the software integrated seamlessly with her website and was customizable with her brand colors. But most importantly, it was easy for her customers and staff to use.

“We were trying to reduce the number of phone calls we got, so we wanted software that was very user-friendly” says Julie. “We have up to 1,300 kids in any given session, and that’s a lot of phone volume.”

Pike13 proved to be the answer. Julie and her staff spend much less time on the phone today, giving them more time to build relationships with their clients.

The Results

Pike13 isn’t always perfect, but it has solved 90% of the problems that Julie was dealing with before on Mindbody. Registration has become a smooth process for customers, and her staff spend much less time answering questions. 

Staff are happier too. It's simple to keep track of schedules and client information. They're able to use the Notes feature to keep parents updated. And the entire Pike13 system is just easier than Mindbody ever was.

Julie also knows that Pike13 is ready to grow with her business, and she recommends it to anyone who asks. 

“I always tell people–because everyone’s always asking what we use and what works–that I absolutely love Pike13. I tell them I love the responsiveness and support that I receive. We’re trying to run a business, and if there are roadblocks with the software then we just can’t use it. I haven’t had any roadblocks with Pike13.”

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