Your business deserves the best

Simplify your administration with the most intuitive management software available for class-based businesses.

Why choose Pike13?

We were founded by small business owners who love helping people but aren't big fans of administration. We created a system that's easy to use, client-centric, insightful, and automates administrative tasks so that you can work on your business, and spend more time doing what you love.

Our promise: We’ll help you reduce time spent on administrative chores and spend more time building client relationships. You'll be able to grow your business faster, improve customer engagement, and make better decisions. You'll get a personal account manager, not a 1-800 number. If you're moving from another system we'll handle your setup and data migration so you won't miss a step. And we'll keep working every day to build the best products, provide the best customer care, and deliver the best experience you can find in the industry.

Since our transition to Pike13, we’ve grown our client base more than 30 percent. We’ve saved an immense amount of time on administration—Pike13’s interface and the flexibility of the software saves days, not hours of our time.

Marka Jenkins Waechter, Co-Owner of Fruition Yoga


Easy. Insightful. Reliable.

These are some of the words our customers use to describe Pike13. Again and again, we hear from happy customers who have grown successful businesses with the help of Pike13. Or who have made the switch to Pike13 from another software and wish they had done it sooner. That’s because Pike13 provides powerful software with an unparalleled customer experience.


In the past we have used a couple of other yoga studio management softwares, including MINDBODY. A little more than a year ago we switched to Pike13 and we have never had second thoughts. This software is at the same time intuitive and powerful.

Christian Möllenhoff, Leader at Yoga & Méditation Paris

The Pike13 Solution

Your software is key to running your business. It should be easy to use for you, your staff and your class. It should give you the insight to know what’s working well and what need to change. It should be built around a focus on your clients.

That’s how Pike13 is different.

It’s easy and intuitive.

Pike13 software is easy to use and makes running your business possible from any desktop or mobile device. Your clients have easy access to class enrollment and waitlists through a new branded mobile client app that puts your business just a tap away. And because Pike13 is also easy to teach, your staff can take an active role in managing their schedules and clients, giving you peace of mind.

“Our instructors really like the service. It lets them keep up-to-date on their upcoming lessons. For us, this means fewer phone calls with questions on scheduling outside of business hours. It has taken a lot of pressure off of me personally, as our staff has access to the information they need from their phones. This makes the entire scheduling process incredibly smooth.” - Glen Gross, Co-Owner of Walbeck Baseball Academy

It provides insight.

Pike13 works with your business, not against it. Our software is designed around industry best practices to help you and your business reach your full potential. Smart analytics like the Insights reporting feature help you measure the health of your business and identify what actions can make a meaningful impact on your business right now.

"The robust reporting features in Pike13 give us easy access to all of the important data we need. In just a minute or two, I can tell you how we did on sales yesterday, in the last 30 days, and for the year to date." - Dan Manders, Owner of Philly Dog School

It’s reliable.

Our Onboarding team will help smoothly transition your business to Pike13 and work with you until you are comfortable with the software. Our top-rated Customer Care team is available to help you get the most out of your software. And our world-class Engineering team keeps Pike13 up and running 24/7/365, so you can focus on your business knowing that Pike13 always has your back.

“The process of transferring was incredibly easy. The Pike13 team was fast and actually handled most of the work.” – Robert Henry, Co-Owner of JAX Strength and Conditioning

It’s everywhere you need it to be.

With Pike13, your business is always just a tap away. Your Pike13 site is available on any desktop or mobile device. You and your staff always have access to client information, schedules, class rosters and more. And your clients can sign up for classes more easily than ever with booking capabilities through your website, your customized branded client app, Facebook and Google. Whenever your clients are ready to book, Pike13 and your business will be there.

“Pike13 has put us on the cutting edge, and that's right where we like to be." – Robyn Alazraqui, Co-Owner of CrossFit Oakland