The Pike13 team

pam h

Pam H.


mc m


Product Manager

phillip b

Phillip B.

Software Development Manager

anne l

Anne L.

Product Support Manager

parker s

Parker S.

Software Engineer

jaimie s

Jaimie S.

Solutions Consultant

kervin l

Kervin L.

Customer Support Specialist

adrian s

Adrian S.

Solutions Consultant

jaymes askins

Jaymes A.

Sales Manager

monica b

Monica A.

Marketing Specialist

rick york 01

Rick Y.

Account Manager

joseph a

Joseph A.

UX Designer

christina a

Christina A.

Office Administration

daniel mahar

Daniel M.

Customer Support Specialist

sarah c

Sarah C.

Business Development Representative

tyson roehrasse

Tyson R.

Software Engineer

Juan Cespedes

Juan C.

Software Engineer

judd fetters

Judd F.

Customer Support

Cheryl Addison-1

Cheryl A.

Senior DevOps Engineer


Work for Pike13

Here at Pike13 we're always looking to add more talent to our team, come and join us!