Roo's world of discovery

The Opportunity

Michelle Landwehr sought out a play spot that catered to the special needs of her daughter Roo. Roo was experiencing developmental delays and sensory issues. After visiting many different indoor Seattle play spots Michelle never found a space that was especially accommodating for their particular needs. Michelle was determined to change this so she opened Roo’s World of Discovery. Roo's was a play spot for kids who struggle in conventional play settings and for their caregivers to relax and connect with a supportive community,

As a new business owner, Michelle was very aware of her economics. She knew she needed business management software that wouldn’t break the bank, but she also needed certain functionalities. 


The Solution

Michelle opted to start her business paperless. She says, “Pike13 gives me the ability to reduce the time I personally spend on administrative tasks that are important, but time consuming. I have time to focus on other activities that are pivotal to the success of my business.”

Pike13 offered a great solution for its ability to track member visits to ensure revenue is properly accounted for, easily collect payments on a recurring basis and automated class scheduling.


The Results

Pike13 gave Roo’s World the potential to grow into more than an idea. And with her administrative processes in place, Michelle can devote her time to Roo and the other children whom she started Roo’s World for.

Michelle spoke more about her success with Pike13 in this Street Fight Magazine article.