The Opportunity

Like many small business owners just starting out, Aubrey Heinnemann, owner of Limber Yoga, relied on a box of index cards to keep track of her clients. On the cards, she stored information like dependents’ names, which classes they signed up for and their attendance dates. But as her business grew and both doubled her clients and expanded her space within her first year, the index cards became inefficient and unreliable. Aubrey had to add additional classes and teachers to her roster to adequately support the influx of customers. To manage everything,  Aubrey sought a yoga scheduling software that would support her expanding business.
yoga scheduling software
yoga scheduling software

The Solution

Aubrey stated that as a busy, family-friendly yoga studio, the last thing they want is a crowded check-in area. So having a seamless check-in process would become a priority when choosing a software solution.

Her first experiences with online solutions didn’t go so well. “We tried several,” says Aubrey, “and we found them to be bad experiences. They weren’t intuitive or user-friendly.” Her biggest issue was that, as a self-described “non-technical” person, she struggled with getting her existing data imported and set up correctly and didn’t like either company’s setup support.

Then she found Pike13. The customer success team assisted Aubrey to ensure the data she needed was cleanly and correctly imported—letting Aubrey get back to the business of running her studio.

The Results

After Pike13 software implementation, Pike13 staff stopped by to Limber Yoga for a client visit. It was a whirlwind of activity with toddlers hugging hello and parents unpacking mats and snacks. But thanks to Pike13, one thing not slowing them down was signing in for class.

“About 75% of our clients have already registered for our classes online before they walk in the door.” 

For clients who haven’t already registered, she has two iPad Minis set up as students enter so they can easily check themselves into class. She’s customized the website to match the rest of Limber’s branding, with a fresh green color palette and a modern, welcoming design.

Even the older, less tech-savvy clients of Limber Yoga feel comfortable using Pike13’s kiosk interface. One of Aubrey's favorite features is having photos associated with client accounts. With so many families and children involved, she appreciates the extra measure of security the photo feature provides.

Another feature that became useful with Limber Yoga's expansion was the ability to convert a client account into a teacher account. 

“It’s really handy and saves me time since so many of my teachers start here as students.”

Aubrey hires all of her teachers as freelancers and finds it easy to manage their various schedules in Pike13. Aubrey also enjoys how quickly and easily she is able to train new staff.  All it takes is a brief one-on-one with Pike13 onboarding to get new teachers up to speed.

Aubrey has taken the time to create a warm and welcoming studio with strong ties to the community. By using Pike13 to seamlessly integrate the registration and sign-in process for her classes and manage her client paperwork and instructors’ schedules, Limber Yoga has the flexibility it needs to continue growing their happy and healthy customer base.