grapevine crossfit

The Opportunity

Long before CrossFit gained its current status, Bevin and Brandon Head were bitten by the bug. They both attended classes at a local CrossFit affiliate where Brandon coached. Their love of CrossFit grew along with the idea of being their own bosses making it an easy decision to open their own box. In August 2009, the duo opened Grapevine CrossFit, which now has a staff of six leading seven classes a day in a 5,000-square-foot workout space.

As CrossFit gained popularity and word-of-mouth awareness of Grapevine spread, the gym grew from five clients to more than 230. Bevin and Brandon tried multiple solutions to manage their business and process payments in the past. However, they found nothing to be efficient or user-friendly—even just figuring out whether a client had paid for the month was difficult, time-consuming and stressful. They knew they needed something more dynamic. 


The Solution

With Pike13 software, staff have the ability to easily update client profiles, change payment information, schedule sessions, run reports, and digitize all documents. Clients can access details such as membership options, online enrollment, and clarity about who is coaching each class. And the fact that they can do all of this from any device is the cherry on top. Bevin gushes, “I can do everything right from the palm of my hand. I don’t have to wait until I get into the office where I might forget about it.”

The Results

Soon after moving to Pike13, Bevin and Brandon saw how much more they could be involved in managing their clients. And they quickly realized how much more involved they needed to be. 

“By tracking our clients' activities—when they come to class, when their memberships have ended, and when a form of payment has expired—we’ve been able to tap into at least $2,000-3,000 a month in unrealized revenue. The move to Pike13 has had the biggest, immediate impact on the bottom line." – Bevin Head

"The stress relief that came along with Pike13 was just as satisfying as the revenue increase. Before Pike13, trying to keep track of whether or not someone had paid that month was like pulling an arm and a leg, and as a result we were losing a ton of money. Pike13 has taken the stress off of us by automatically sending email alerts when a payment is due or if a credit card is declined. We know we are staying on top of everything we need to be.” – Bevin Head

“Pike13 is incredibly user-friendly. It just makes it easier for me to run my business." – Bevin Head