The Opportunity

Athletic Form is a large workout facility in downtown Seattle. Phil Berry, Athletic Form Manager, described his history using gym software as clunky and crashing all the time. They wanted a software that would be easy for their clients to book classes, make payments, manage their accounts, intuitive for their staff to use, allow them the ability to go completely paperless, allow management to view metrics on business performance, and last but certainly not least, customer service that was prompt and attentive.

athletic form lobby
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The Solution

Athletic Form stated that they decided to go with Pike13 because of the software was easy and intuitive for both their staff and clients to use. Pike13 allowed them to easily set up and charge clients for their passes and plans as well as track usage.

With Pike13 clients are able to check in easily by scanning their QR Code onto the Pike13 kiosk app located in Athletic Form's lobby.

Pike13's integration with Smartwaiver allows Athletic Form's customer's to sign a waiver from any mobile device.



The Results


Other softwares that I've used in the past have had a lot of issues with errors and crashing. Here with Pike13 that's never been an issue.

The Smartwaiver integration is really nice because we can use it on phones, ipads. When someone signs up I can literally just have the waiver sent to them and they can use their phone and finger as a pen and pad. It's really easy.

My experience with Pike13 reporting has been great. The ability to filter, and filter within a filter has made it really easy to get the specific data we are looking for when trying to run the business.

Our experience with the Pike13 help center has been great. Whenever we've had a problem we can expect a super fast response time, they're very professional in helping us with here's the way to fix this problem, or we're aware of this problem and we're working on it etc. Feels like you are talking to someone who's right down the street.

Athletic Form Manager, Phil Berry