The Opportunity

Marty Molitoris started Alpine Endeavors to teach his passion of climbing to others. Alpine Endeavors leads rock, ice, and alpine climbing tours, along with guided hikes and snowshoeing trips. 

Based in New York's Catskill Mountains, Alpine Endeavors serves approximately 2,000 clients each year all over the U.S. with four full-time employees and 15+ part-time employees. 

Marty knew that continuing his success and still having time for his family would be nearly impossible with the limitations of desktop-based recreation scheduling software. Marty was looking for a mobile solution that could manage staff and client schedules with ease.

recreation scheduling software
recreation scheduling software

The Solution

Alpine Endeavors was managed by clunky software. One employee's sole job was to transfer important information from paper documents, like waivers and billing information, into a tracking system—not the most secure, cost-friendly or efficient process.

Another pain-point was not having a simple refund process in place. In the mountaineering business, weather plays a huge role. Due to inclement weather, they often have to cancel trips. But now with Pike13 there is no longer a scramble to refund clients manually. 

As soon as Pike13 launched, Marty didn’t hesitate to move his entire business onto the new mobile-first and flexible solution. He found that Pike13 works with Alpine Endeavors, unlike past solutions which seemed to be working for the system.



The Results

Alpine Endeavors smoothed out data organization and scheduling with Pike13 by having clients book and fill out waivers online.  With Pike13, Alpine Endeavors' clients can book online and fill out forms before their activity. Most importantly, they can do this from a mobile device at the meeting point, trailhead, or on top of a mountain if need be.

"My business is inherently mobile, and because Pike13 gets this, my company runs as smoothly as it possibly can.”

And to the great relief of that one employee, online document storage completely eliminated the time spent transferring those details, significantly decreasing recording errors and sparing everyone hours of drudgery.

“Pike13 is the business management solution I’ve been waiting for. It's like someone took my wish list and made software that checks off every item on the list. Best of all, Pike13 has given me time back that I can put directly into my family.”