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An All-In-One Software Solution for Multi-Location Businesses
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Multiple Sites 

With Pike13, managers at each site location will have the power to manage their own administration–including scheduling, client management, reporting features and more–for their individual location. Pike13 also allows you to standardize account setup across multiple locations.

At the corporate level you'll have access to the Pike13 Site Manager, offering aggregated data from across your entire franchise as well as the option to drill down into individual locations. You decide who has access to this information, so you're always in control of your business.


View how each site locations is performing on an individual basis or how the franchise is doing as a whole. 

Managers can run reports to view delinquent accounts and save their favorites for future use.

multi-location reporting


Easy Setup

With Pike13's Site Manager, you can create standardized settings for services, classes, plans, passes, waivers, and merchandise that will apply automatically to any new location added, saving hours of administrative setup.

You also have the option to add a lock-down feature to keep branding consistency at the corporate level and not accessible at each individual site location.


Case Study

The School of Rock franchise was using an enterprise business management system that was powerful but too complicated and confusing for individual franchise owners and teachers. They needed something just as powerful, but simpler. That's why they switched to Pike13.
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Pike13 makes it so easy for use to look at the global picture of the company down to the minutest detail. We can make corporate changes based on what the data shows us. Once Pike13 was in place, we were able to see where follow-up was needed for some of our local schools with customer conversions, and we were able to step in and give additional training to take those schools to the next level.
Baby Boot Camp

We are so grateful to have found Pike13 and to provide our owners with such user-friendly software. We love how easy Pike13 is to navigate. Time spent on day-to-day admin work for our franchise owners has been reduced drastically so they are able to spend more time building their business.

Katelyn Battaglia | Director of Marketing

Aqua-Tots Swim Schools

Pike13 works very well for our 85+ swim school franchise. The software is very user friendly and has a quick learning curve for new users. Pike13’s customer service is outstanding and they really listen to feedback from their clients.

Julie Sullins | Franchise Training and Support Specialist


I love the fact that I can look up anything I don’t know how to do in Pike13’s help center. Anything beyond that, I can contact their support team for more details–the staff at Pike13 are extremely helpful!

Gia Baker | Franchise Support Specialist

School of Rock

Relationships are the most important part of running a school, and when things like scheduling and billing get in the way of the relationship there’s an immediate barrier to what we’re there to provide—the students’ education. It’s all integrated in Front Desk and eliminates the need for stressful money conversations, making it easier for us to manage our checks and balances and report back accurately to the corporate office.

Kris Kierullf | Owner, School of Rock Seattle